Cooking Quality Mexican Dishes Since Childhood

Owners Reyna and Maritza Vazquez are sisters and best friends. They were born and raised in Mexico and now live in Austin, TX. It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance to get to where they are today as business owners.

From an early age, Reyna and Maritza wanted to own their own restaurant. They grew up helping their mother in the family kitchen in Veracruz, Mexico. Starting at very young ages, Reyna and Maritza’s mother and grandmother taught them the ins and outs of the kitchen, and they have loved to cook ever since. They learned to be creative with their cooking while at the same time respecting the heritage of authentic ingredients and the culture they represent. They also learned the value of using both fresh and organic ingredients in their cooking.

Persistent with their dream, Reyna and Maritza saved up enough money to buy their first trailer, and in April of 2008, they opened for business on East Cesar Chavez selling snow cones, smoothies, and natural drinks. In the beginning, they both kept their other jobs and worked nonstop to get their business going, often times taking turns sleeping on the trailer floor while the other sister attended to customers in order to keep it open.

In 2010, they bought a larger food truck and moved a few blocks down on East Cesar Chavez. With more space, Reyna and Maritza could finally start cooking tacos, and the rest is history! Today, Reyna and Maritza have five locations in Austin and Round Rock and have been locally, nationally, and internationally recognized for the quality of their food.

At your next visit, you may see the Vazquez sisters at any location as they continue to work closely with the staff and love being in the kitchens. Please say hello.